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Airfinance Journal and Deals Database is your essential intelligence resource for aviation finance.

For over the past 30 years, Airfinance Journal has brought and continues to bring airlines and capital providers, from across the globe, closer together. Every weekday we offer you the latest news, analysis and exclusive interviews on aircraft financing transactions for the loan and capital markets both public and private. Whether it is from the pages of the journal, on our website , at one of our first-rate training courses or landmark conferences or online through our Airfinance community we can help you reach senior decision makers on both sides of the industry.

Finance providers including banks and leasing companies and other service providers, such as lawyers and consultants, use Airfinance Journal and the associated websites to allocate resources, find new investment opportunities and analyse competitors. Our exclusive aviation transaction coverage allows airlines and aviation borrowers to find out what sources of finance are available and at what price.

We are famous for high quality surveys – like the investor’s poll, the legal survey, the aircraft operating leasing survey and export credit reports which have been running for over 10 years – as well as for thoughtful analysis of key issues.

Airfinance Journal speaks to, and is read by the biggest names in the aviation market. Clients of Airfinance Journal include: airlines, airports, banks and financial institutions, leasing companies, export credit agencies, lawyers, fund managers, consultants, universities and others.

In addition, our Airfinance Deals Database offers you access to a fully searchable database of aircraft deals spanning the past decade, as well as new deals added as and when they happen. Access the latest RFPs and download quarterly market status and special reports.

The Airfinance Deals Database’s deals include details such as financial structures, amount borrowed, arrangers and law firms working on a single transaction. This allows you to benchmark aircraft deals against your competitors in real time or against historic records.

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